New York City Marathon, here we come!

Bert en Niels lopen ook dit jaar de Marathon van New York.

Octo­ber is almost behind us, Novem­ber is just around the cor­ner. This means that the streets of New York will soon be filled with run­ners again. On Novem­ber 3, to be pre­cise. That’s when the leg­endary New York City Marathon will be run.

We are proud to announce that ‘our’ Niels Decler­ck and Bert Pauwels will join the run­ners in New York to run one of the most leg­endary races in the world. Both of them with their own moti­va­tion and goals.

Update: We are hap­py to announce that both Niels and Bert achieved their goals! Niels fin­ished his marathon in 2h50’, Bert fin­ished his marathon in 4h40’.

Con­grat­u­la­tions gen­tle­men with this extra­or­di­nary achieve­ment. We can’t wait to hear your sto­ries. An inspir­ing inter­view with our run­ners will fol­low soon.

“I love push­ing myself to the lim­it.”
Niels and Bert, you are about to run the New York City Marathon. Why?

Bert en Niels lopen ook dit jaar de Marathon van New York.Niels: The New York City Marathon is the largest marathon in the world with 50.000 run­ners and 2 mil­lion spec­ta­tors. It is a unique event and a great run. I love push­ing myself to the lim­it.

Bert: The New York City Marathon is unique. The city offers a spec­tac­u­lar set­ting for the marathon. I don’t run a marathon every sin­gle day, so I pre­fer to run in inspir­ing places when I do (laugh­ter).

“A marathon with­out pain does not exist.”
Have you set any per­son­al goals?

Niels: I want to run the marathon in 2 hours and 50 min­utes, but the track is hilly and the weath­er can have a big impact. We will run over long bridges in New York. The wind on those bridges can have a big impact on my time.

Bert: I just want to fin­ish the marathon. Prefer­ably with­out too much pain. A marathon with­out pain does not exist, so I will try to focus on the unique set­ting we will run in. And suf­fer­ing with so many oth­er run­ners is a unique expe­ri­ence in its own right.

How do you pre­pare your­self for such a run?

Niels: I start­ed train­ing in April. In the last two weeks before the marathon I will try to recov­er and I will try to con­sume as many car­bo­hy­drates as I can. In the last days before the marathon I will even drink spe­cial car­bo­hy­drate shakes.

Bert: Niels is an exam­ple of how one should pre­pare for a marathon. I am quite the oppo­site (laugh­ter). On aver­age, I run one long dis­tance run per week. Dur­ing these runs I burn around 2,000 calo­ries, which allows me to keep eat­ing and drink­ing what I want.

How many kilo­me­ters did you run in the past few months?

Niels: From April till now I have run between 800 and 900 kilo­me­ters. I start­ed slow­ly, but at the moment I am run­ning 5 to 6 days per week.

Bert: I run 20 to 25 kilo­me­ters per week. From August till now I have run between 250 and 300 kilo­me­ters. I will try to increase my train­ing in the last weeks before the marathon but unfor­tu­nate­ly my sched­ule does not always allow me to train when I want to.

With such busy sched­ules, when do you find the time to train this hard?

New York City MarathonNiels: I am run­ning in the evenings and in the week­ends. In the last weeks before the race, I run up to 15 kilo­me­ters after work. In the week­ends I run up to 25 kilo­me­ters per day. In the last weeks before the marathon I take a few half days off for endurance runs. On 10 Octo­ber, for exam­ple, I ran a full marathon in Ghent.

Bert: I can’t real­ly free up much extra time. That being said, every Sun­day I block 2 to 3 hours to do sports. And I try to run more when my sched­ule allows me to. Nobody finds time, you just have to make time for it.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. Even with a busy sched­ule.”
Can you imag­ine a life with­out run­ning?

Niels: I can imag­ine a life with­out run­ning, but I can’t imag­ine a life with­out sports. Sports pro­vides me with a lot of ener­gy and a healthy out­let after a hard day’s work. Sports gives me a great way to relax. After­wards I can go to work again with new ener­gy and new insights.

Bert: The same holds for me. I can­not imag­ine a life with­out sports. Sports gives me an enor­mous amount of ener­gy. And sports is healthy – if you don’t exag­ger­ate. The NYC Marathon is a great goal for me. By run­ning the marathon I want to show that you can accom­plish any­thing you want. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Even with a busy sched­ule.

Thank you very much gen­tle­men and good luck with the marathon on Novem­ber 3!

On Novem­ber 3, Bert and Niels will run the New York City Marathon. We wish them all the best. After their return from New York we will ask Bert and Niels about their expe­ri­ences in New York. Press the but­ton below to receive this inter­view and oth­er arti­cles auto­mat­i­cal­ly in your inbox as soon as they are pub­lished on the web­site.

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